Tuesday, May 3, 2016

CTNM18C Combined Rice Mill

CTNM18C Combined Rice Mill CTNM18C Whole Set Blended Rice Mill has got the follow Rice Bran Oil function: One.Dedusting function; 2.Destining function; 3.Rice farming function. The mixed rice milling machine has a lot of advantages including: good paddy separation influence;Simple operation; quickly rice milling pace; milling rice is shining and excellent; paddy separating screen clear quickly, no remains. CTNM18C Whole Rice Mill Machine Price Set Put together Rice Milling Machine is the most advanced almond processing equipment in the marketplace for rice generator factory. CTNM18C Combined Almond Milling Machine Complex Data: http://www.rice-mill.org/d/file/PRODUCTS/Rice-Milling-Plant/8233306066b998072f2359418d2d6cc0.jpg

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